Collection: Texts

The "Text" collection is a collection of unique pebbles designed to offer a personal and touching message to your loved ones or dislikes. Each pebble is carefully crafted from the highest quality materials. This is to ensure its durability and strength over time. All pebbles are numbered and signed, making them unique and precious. The authenticity of each pebble is guaranteed... no two are alike!

Are you looking for a personalized, original, sentimental or striking gift? The "Text" pebble is a great option.

By choosing a pebble from this collection you are offering a unique and precious object.
And if you wish to personalize your pebble to make it even more unique, don't hesitate to contact us by e-mail. We are at your disposal to create together a pebble specially designed for you and according to your desires.

We believe that "Text" pebbles are more than just a decorative object, they are a way to send a message to someone. They can make you laugh, think, motivate or move you. And that's why we want you to really live with and enjoy these pebbles.

So go ahead and order a customizable gift now that will be unforgettable!