About me

I am the creator, the designer, the photographer, the webmaster, the marketing manager
and after-sales service of Pebbles cherry. But above all, I am a passionate artist, committed and attentive to the smallest detail!

My love for creativity, whose possibilities are multiple, as well as the exploration of new combinations, are the fundamental elements of my artistic approach.
My commitment to beautifying the world through art has led me to experiment with different creative techniques and other materials. And one day I discovered the magic of painting on pebbles!

Why pebbles?

Pebbles are natural and simple yet versatile objects that have inspired my imagination to create surprising works of art.
In the design of the pebble, touch is also very important to me.
The stone keeps the heat. It is often cold and raw at first, but once painted it becomes silky smooth and pleasant to the touch. It lands in the hand, it marries it. Moreover, during exhibitions, I expressly invite my clients to touch the pebbles.

Beyond the physical appearance of the mineral, I believe that each pebble has its own history and its own personality as well as its own shape.

My goal is to enhance it by transforming it, according to everyone's desires. I like the idea of ​​creating pebbles that can both amuse and make you think. Pebbles that can help express thoughts and bring joy. To create useful objects in everyday life, whether for yourself or to offer to one of your loved ones.

My pebbles are customizable at will and the possibilities are endless!

I am passionate about my art and I can't wait to share this passion with you! I offer you quality and unique pebbles. Take a look at my instagram page.

Cherry pebbles, creative, sitting on the ground, surrounded by pebbles