First Stone

I am presenting a very original project.

My client, a businessman, director and outplacement coach for executives, had a brilliant idea. He wanted to offer his end-of-year wishes to his clients through my pebbles!

When he contacted me to see if this project was feasible, I was immediately enthusiastic about his proposal. What an excellent and innovative idea! The pebble turned into an advertising object! I was looking forward to meeting him to discuss his project in detail.


Terms of reference

At our first meeting, we defined the key criteria for this project. It was very important to my client that each pebble had to have the inscription It was very important to my client that each pebble had the inscription "The foundation stone for your professional future" as well as his name, company name and telephone number.

With this powerful phrase, another possibility opened up for the pebbles. He could not only give them away at the end of the year but also at the end of each assignment. So in the sense of wishing "Good luck in your new adventure". It is both something personal and an excellent promotional item. Realization I created 15 beautiful pebbles.

To remain true to my brand, each pebble had to be unique and numbered to guarantee its authenticity. I put all my know-how and expertise into creating pebbles that were both aesthetic, precious and useful. I accentuated the precious and delicate side even more by delivering each pebble in a small black box and presenting it as a jewel. Finally, I delivered the order a week later, and my customer was completely satisfied.

I am very proud of this result. This project was an opportunity for me to show my creative abilities and my mastery of pebble design.

All in all, I'm proud to have helped my client improve the image of his company by marking those important moments. It was an exciting and rewarding project.

I am determined to continue on this path to provide my clients with unique and quality creations. Please feel free to view my other projects as well.


Pebbles First stone. several pebbles on black boxes