Showroom 54 - Pebbles from Nice

During a trip to Nice, I had the chance to discover by chance the beautiful showroom 54, a former leather workshop located near the Lympia harbor. As soon as I pushed the door of this discreet store, a wonderful smell of straw enveloped me, transporting my senses to the south.

Showroom 54 offers an incredible variety of fashion accessories and decorations made from straw, sourced from Spanish and Moroccan artisans and made with natural materials such as leather, Berber wool, wood and of course, straw. The quality of these products is undeniable, and the attention to detail can be felt in every piece on display.

It was there that I had the pleasure to meet Alexandra and Pascale, two nice women who warmly welcomed me. We hit it off right away, and I shared my hand-painted pebble project with them. I am delighted to announce that my pebbles are now available for sale in this wonderful store.

The collection of pebbles I have specially created is a true tribute to the bright colors and patterns inspired by the south and Nice. Each piece is carefully painted, with special attention to detail. These personalized pebbles are the perfect souvenir to slip into your bag before heading home, bringing back memories of a sunny stay on the French Riviera.

By choosing to exhibit in this unique store, I am confident that my pebbles will be surrounded by a selection of exceptional products and true craftsmanship. I am grateful for the opportunity to showcase my creations in such a special and authentic place.

Do not hesitate to come and discover the showroom 54 in Nice and admire this fusion between local craftsmanship and my hand painted pebbles. You will be seduced by the diversity of products offered and the warm atmosphere that reigns in this unique store. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of the straw and the Mediterranean colors.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to discover our collection. Come and live the unique experience of the showroom 54 in Nice, where the passion of craftsmanship blends with the splendor of straw and Mediterranean colors.

Showcase 1 - Summer 2022

Showcase 2 - Fall 2022

And the adventure continues...