The Galoptics

Les Galoptics is an innovative project that combines pebbles with the world of optics. It is carried out in collaboration with Studio Optic, an eyewear boutique located in Courbevoie, managed by my friend Nourith Boccara, a talented visagist and optician. Studio Optic is well known in the Bécon area for its high quality and trendy eyewear collection.

Since the summer of 2022, I have had the opportunity to give my personal touch to the shop's beautiful windows by adding my pebbles.

The result is really incredible and many customers of the shop have welcomed this project with great curiosity and in a very positive way. As the months went by and the windows changed, I had to create custom pebbles and be inventive to follow Nourith's inspiration.

I look forward to my friend's next creative ideas and hope to continue working with her on this exciting and ever-evolving project.


Vitrine 1 - Rentrée 2022

Vitrine 2 - Oct-Nov 2022

Vitrine 3 - Noël 2022

Et l'aventure continue ...