Ruhl Plage

Seen on the Ruhl Plage entrance gate in Nice
Ruhl Plage, 1 Promenade des Anglais, Nice


I am delighted to share with you a project that is very close to my heart.

Indeed, two years ago, I visited for the first time the Ruhl Plage. A mytic place, because the oldest beach of Nice in an exceptional setting.

It was on this occasion that I met the Malacarne family, the owners of this wonderful place. They are welcoming and open-minded people who immediately appreciated and agreed with my project.

Therefore, I am very proud to present to you, as a preview, my exclusive collection: The Ruhl Plage Summer 2023 collection as a tribute to this magical place.

I painted each pebble with great precision, then numbered it carefully to guarantee its authenticity.

Inspired by the blue and white colors of Ruhl Plage's iconic umbrellas, these pebbles are the perfect souvenir. They will be available for purchase at the beach boutique starting in April 2023. In fact, you can take them home with you after a great day at the beach.

If you are a Nice enthusiast, I invite you to discover my collection during your next visit to the Ruhl. Take these unique creations home as a colorful souvenir of this beautiful paradise or give them to your family, friends and relatives.

For lovers of Nice and its beautiful beaches and for lovers of coastal preservation, I would like to point out that the pebbles are not "picked" on site. To be precise, I buy them from French suppliers, such as Aquiter and Fibre Vert. Indeed, it is out of the question for me to alter the richness of this sublime seaside and to denature the French Riviera.

I am passionate about art and look forward to meeting you next April!


Ruhl Beach

Collection Ruhl

These beautiful pebbles are the perfect souvenir to slip into your bag after a wonderful day at Ruhl.
Hand-painted with acrylic paint and coated with several coats of varnish for a long life, these pebbles are numbered as a special edition Ruhl Plage.

And the adventure continues...