Collection: Logos

When you're looking to create a memorable promotional item for your company, reproducing your logo on a pebble can be an original and creative option. At Galets Cerise, we offer high quality pebble personalization services to help you create unique gifts for your customers or employees.

Our personalized pebbles are hand-painted with high quality acrylic paint. To ensure their longevity, we apply several coats of protective varnish to each pebble. Each piece is also signed and numbered on the back, adding an extra touch of personalization to your gift.

Giving personalized pebbles is a great way to promote your business in an original and unexpected way. Your customers will appreciate this unique gift, which will stand out from all the other promotional products they have received. In addition, by giving personalized pebbles to your employees, you can thank them for their hard work while creating a sense of pride and belonging to the company.

If you're looking to offer unique and creative promotional items to your customers or employees, contact us today to discuss your pebble personalization project. We look forward to working with you to create memorable gifts that reflect your company and your brand.